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Law Chat with Girija

Feb 25, 2021

Our guest today comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She shares with us her journey, the challenges she faces, the struggles she overcame, and the wins she celebrated.


Episode Introduction: 


In today’s episode of Law Chat With Girija, Dr. Liz DuBois joins us to share her journey of taking the leap from...

Feb 18, 2021

Today I’ll be sharing a few quick tips to get your online business started and help its growth.


Episode Introduction: 


In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing some really simple yet significant details that most entrepreneurs miss out on when their business is just starting. These will help you in making the most...

Feb 11, 2021

Our guest today helps others show up confidently on video in order to embrace their personal brand and scale their business.


Episode Introduction: 


From trying out TV news as an exploratory activity to anchoring for television news and now supporting corporate professionals who want to fully utilize the power of...

Feb 4, 2021

Our guest today is a tech-expert and she now helps other entrepreneurs DIY the technical aspect of their business so they can seamlessly navigate the logistics. 


Episode Introduction: 

Shannon tells us about her journey of working under someone else to turning her life around with one unexpected web-designing gig. She...