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Law Chat with Girija

May 27, 2021

Our guest today is going to help you ensure a jitter-free entry on the stage the next time you walk in front of a crowd.


Episode Introduction: 


Marti MacEwan walks us through the journey of overcoming stage fright herself and how she’s taught hundreds of people to successfully do so. An author, a therapist,...

May 20, 2021

Our guest today chose the career of his dreams back when he was in fourth grade - tune in to see how he followed through! 


Episode Introduction: 

From getting his undergraduate degree in physics to his varied experiences at law school, Trevor Schmidt walks us through his journey of becoming a trademark expert who...

May 13, 2021

It’s time to scale your business amidst a global pandemic. Here’s how! 


Episode Introduction:


In today’s episode of Law Chat With Girija, we’ll be talking about the action steps that you can take today in order to successfully navigate your business on its path to flourish even during Covid-19.



May 6, 2021

Our guest today is an “accidental entrepreneur”, after listening to her journey, we happen to love accidents now! 


Episode Introduction: 


She started with a website that was so “terribly designed” that she wants to block it out of her memory, today - she rules the design industry. Our guest today is a true...