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Law Chat with Girija

Apr 28, 2022

It’s time to find your purpose and achieve it against all odds. Tune in to find out how! 


Episode Introduction: 

Our guest today is an air force veteran, a 9/11 first responder, a fireman, an author, a podcaster, and most importantly - he’s resilient. Join Robert Verhelst AKA Fireman Rob to learn more about his journey, the hardships he has faced, and how he continues to overcome them even today.


Episode Summary: 

Robert Verhelst walks us through his journey of resilience. He talks about the challenges he has faced during his time in the air force, his life as a fireman, how he focuses on his mental health, and the seven core catalysts that help us succeed as individuals in life. This episode is truly an eye-opener for anyone who’s been feeling lost and defeated and doesn’t know where to go from here.


Main Takeaways:

  • Once you find out your purpose, you’ll start to understand all your actions.
  • Sometimes you just need something really small to start off and hone in on your purpose. 
  • Failure isn’t a reflection of your abilities, it is an opportunity to do something better the next time.
  • Don’t change the uniqueness of who you are but still be adaptive to your surroundings.
  • Learn to believe in yourself over the fears of everything else that everybody is saying.




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